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Water Features



Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio


Cast Stone Garden Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home and garden setting. A water fountain will be a beautiful focal point for your garden or outdoor eating area and will block out traffic and neighborhood noise.

Is a Garden Fountain Right for Your Space?


One of the beautiful things about garden fountains is that they come in a variety of sizes and will fit in any space.  While these are typically placed within landscaped garden beds, they are equally beautiful on patio areas too.  They are often found in both front yards, back yards, and near circular driveways.


These are one of the easiest fountains to keep clean.  Fill evaporated water when necessary and keep the water clear using Fountain Cleaner.


Most professionally installed garden fountains are in the $1500 to $2500 range, however, heavier, larger fountains requiring a suitable base can be $5000 and higher.


If you live in an area where freezing occurs you will want to drain the fountain completely and remove the pump. Covers are available to ensure snow and ice doesn’t accumulate in the bowls of the fountain throughout the winter.

Garden Fountain Gallery

PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large

Fountain Kits

PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large
PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large
PondBuilder Fountain Basin Large

Fountains require a water collection area to contain both the water and the pump for continuous hassle free use.  PondBuilder Fountain Basins incorporate the features, strength, and ease of installation demanded by today's professional installers.


Whether installing a vase fountain, bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain, the versatility of the Fountain Basin makes them the right product for single, double, or some triple fountains.

PondBuilder Fountain Basins:

Four sizes to select from

Easy pump access into stainless-steel grate

Pre-molded channel for plumbing

AutoFill spinweld included (AutoFill valve sold separately)

Lifetime Warranty on Basins

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Other Types of Water Features

Beautiful Pond /  Water Garden Large Pond-Less Waterfall Retaining wall waterfall with fire and patio set at night. Formal Falls. Bubbling Rock Fountain

Ponds / Water Gardens

Pond-Less Waterfalls

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Bubbling Rock Fountain

Column Fountains Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio Bubbling Rock Fountain Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio

Column Fountain

Vase Fountain

Copper Tree Fountains

Basalt Columns


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