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What Makes a Fountain Healing and Holistic?

It is no coincidence that we are intrinsically drawn to the sound of running water; it appeals to us on an intuitive level because we ourselves, as well as our world, are mostly water. Running water has the potential to relax and re-energize us, it can heal and soothe.


There is now scientific evidence that water is energized by its surroundings. Through the use of high-speed photography, it has been shown that water’s molecular structure is directly impacted by its surrounding environment. More specifically, water can be energized positively to form sophisticated and stunning snowflake patterns, or energized negatively to form shapes devoid of symmetry and bright color.


The key to maintaining a healthy, healthful fountain is clean, running water. The key to creating a healthy, healthful fountain, however, is designing the fountain using the laws of nature, so that it has the potential to positively charge the water running through it.


#1 Key to a Holistic Fountain: Maintaining the cleanliness and purity of the water running through the fountain.

The Golden Ratio of Nature

The human eye is constantly and subconsciously scanning its environment for visually pleasing objects. We rarely question why we are drawn to certain objects because we already recognize that their qualities are just inherently pleasing to us on some unspoken level.


Form, color, ornamentation and décor play a huge role in how appealing an object appears to us. Most significantly, the perfect proportion—parts to the whole—plays a key role in an object appearing aesthetically pleasing to us. This perfect proportion is known as the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion. The Divine Proportion is found in various simple patterns occurring in nature, science and art.


Fountains designed with the Golden Ratio positively energize the running water coursing through them with their natural, holistic appeal. Aqua Bella Designs carefully selects products for trade clients with this in mind. The key element in liking is good proportion. Coincidentally, this is also the key to successfully selling a product.


Aqua Bella Designs has also created a new fountain called the Stone of Heaven which was designed using the living energy proportion found in nature.


#2 Key to a Holistic Fountain: Finding a fountain with a good proportion or the “Golden Proportion.”

Healing Fountain Symbolism

As it was mentioned, the ornamentation or décor of a fountain feature creates a specific impression on our consciousness. Symbols emanate energy and charge the water with that energy. With this philosophy in mind, Aqua Bella Designs selected a powerful design to engrave on the Stone of Heaven healing fountain.


Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, the six-line symbol engraved on the Aqua Bella Designs Stone of Heaven fountain represents Heaven. The design is a timeless hexagram of innate knowledge, strength and primal unified energy.


#3 Key to a Holistic Fountain: Any symbolism engraved into the fountain should carry a deeply positive meaning with which the water can be charged.

Themed gardens - Zen Gardens

One way to incorporate the aforementioned holistic properties of clean running water into a themed garden is to develop, for example, a Zen Garden with Zen Fountains. Zen Gardens have existed for over eight hundred years and are rooted in ancient philosophies found during that era in Japan and China. Contemporary Zen Gardens have evolved to incorporate water features.


The Zen Garden is meant to bring our minds closer to stillness and inner peace. Aqua Bella Designs sells fountains that help our clients get back to nature, allowing them to transcend the chaos of daily life.


The materials used to transform a space into a soothing Zen Garden are environmentally friendly and include elements of nature in the form of rocks, sand and water. The simplicity of this approach emphasizes harmony through minimalism.

Self-contained fountains

Zen Fountains are rooted in simplicity, making them easy to install and maintain. Our products are designed with a special Auto-Fill feature and an access hatch for easy pump cleaning.


Zen Fountains also add to the tranquility of a garden space by attracting birds and curious animals. The natural, environmentally-friendly products and the accompanying sounds of running water soothe and heal.


Zen Aqua Bella Fountain Features:

Granite Orbs

Mill Stones

Bubbling Rocks

Stone Bowls

Basalt Columns

Rock of Heaven

Maintenance and Installation

The growth of algae can be prevented by adding (animal friendly) Algaecide to the water.


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