Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio

The small size of a Ceramic Vase Fountain means you can build and enjoy a beautiful fountain anywhere in your yard- front or back! You can create one in as little space as 16” x 16”. These are great on patios and decks too! Bury the basin into the ground or keep elevated using stone or landscape block.

Is a Vase Fountain Right for Your Space?


The rustic stoneware and glazed earthenware fountain vases featured in our collection have been created on pottery wheels, from clay soils, or through the use of press molds.


Taking care of your Ceramic Vase Fountain is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for evaporated water is all that’s required. Or you can install an automatic fill valve and eliminate virtually all maintenance! Consider using safe and effective water treatments to fine tune your desired look.


Operating costs are also less with this style of water feature because the pumps are often smaller using less electricity and can be set to a timer to only operate while you are home.. The typical professional installation of a Ceramic Vase Fountain will range from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the type and size of the ceramic vase. We also offer premium styles which will range from $2,500 - $4,500+.


If you live in an area where freezing can occur you will want to simply remove the pump from the basin and store it indoors for the winter. The vase itself should also be drained and either covered or placed in a garage or shed. No need to drain the basin as we recommend the water be allowed to freeze.

Vase Fountain Gallery

PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large
PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large
PondBuilder Fountain Basin Extra Large
PondBuilder Fountain Basin Large

Fountain Kits

Fountains require a water collection area to contain both the water and the pump for continuous hassle free use.  PondBuilder Fountain Basins incorporate the features, strength, and ease of installation demanded by today's professional installers.


Whether installing a vase fountain, bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain, the versatility of the Fountain Basin makes them the right product for single, double, or some triple fountains.

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PondBuilder Fountain Basins:

Four sizes to select from

Easy pump access into stainless-steel grate

Pre-molded channel for plumbing

AutoFill spinweld included (AutoFill valve sold separately)

Lifetime Warranty on Basins


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