Formal Falls­® – Medium Kit

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PB1656 – Blue Thumb
Formal Falls™ – Medium Kit

Our beautiful Formal Falls infuses your landscape with the soothing
sounds of rippling water over decorative stones, fostering a serene mood.
The natural beauty and tranquility of cascading water attracts birds and
helpful insects, creating a peaceful oasis.

Made in the USA, Formal Falls® are a beautiful yet simple way to add the aesthetics of water to your surroundings. The water flows out from the retaining wall in a nice, smooth sheet and into the basin below. These waterfall walls can
easily be added to any block wall structure and are a great alternative to ponds or fountains. They can be used to adorn a garden, pool, outdoor living area, or even a
home or business!

• Stainless Steel Construction
• Sealed top supports stacked block
• Self Draining: No need to winterize
• Can be used with mortar
• LED Color Changing Light Bulb in basin
• Manufactured in the USA

Tech Specs

Included this Formal Falls® Kit:

28″ Medium Stainless Spillway
Medium Formal Falls® Basin
4200 gph Clear Water Pump
Pump Sock – “BodyGuard”
• Pump Discharge Assembly
• Flex Hose
• PVC Primer & Cement

Medium Formal Falls™ Kit Large Formal Falls™ Kit


44.125″ x 22″ x 16″ H

56″ x 24″ x 16″ H

Reservoir Size

42 gallons

65 gallons

Recommended Wier

Accepts Auto-Fill



Suggested Pump Size

4200 gph

6000 gph

How it Works

The Formal Falls® Basin protects the pump & plumbing assembly. Decorative stones disguise the molded basin and flex hose.

The pump moves water through the flex hose and into a Formal Falls® Stainless Weir. From there, the waterfall cascades into the basin and the cycle begins again.

Beware Cheap Imitations…
• Acrylic will crack in winter if not winterized
• Water flow splits if debris lodges inside

Why is Formal Falls® a superior product?
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Full top to stack block
• No hot spots on light
• Self-draining – won’t crack in the winter temps
• Pump is easily accessed inside basin
• Large opening for thick showy water

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  • Weight: 1 lb

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